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As our name suggests, Limelight HR puts your business centre stage. We’re here to help you achieve your goals by making your greatest asset – your people, happy.

We passionately believe that everybody should be able to enjoy going into work, and this is the vision upon which Sally Bendtson, our founder, created Limelight HR.

Sally Bendston – Limelight HR Founder

Sally Bendtson - expert HR consultant based in Harrogate
Sally Bendtson - expert HR consultant based in Harrogate

Having worked for over a decade for some of the biggest names in media (including the BBC, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central), Sally wanted to make a positive, lasting impact on small and medium-sized businesses given her extensive knowledge and expertise. 

Aware that the performance of your business is directly influenced by staff morale, Sally has designed a creative HR approach which maximises employee happiness and minimises your HR headaches.

Helping You to Run the Show

You can call on our extensive HR expertise to help you to manage your unique setup. Offering a fully bespoke and personalised service, we will…

  •     Find practical solutions to unexpected challenges.
  •     Offer up-to-date HR advice for any situation.
  •     Take away the stress and strain of employment law compliance.
  •     Promote positivity.
  •     Give you the security and confidence to focus on your business goals.

Whether you’re a start-up with a couple of employees or a fast-paced, creative media outlet with a hundred, we can dynamically enhance your HR strategy. Getting lost in the HR maze can induce stress and panic, especially in smaller organisations, and it is our job to take that stress away.

We’ll help you to create a harmonious working environment where your people feel valued. You’ll be able to relax, knowing that all HR compliance is appropriately taken care of.

A Brighter Future for Your Business

We aim to help ambitious, creative businesses confidently tackle the complex challenges of HR while preparing them for a bigger, bolder and brighter future.

We always develop strong relationships based on trust with our clients. We act as your confidante, sounding board and advisor, helping you to look at your business through a different lens.

We’ll be there for the journey – advising and supporting you with passion and integrity.

Next Steps

Get in touch to find out more about our unique service. Our initial consultations are always free, and there’s never any obligation.

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