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We can provide everything your business needs, from setting up basic frameworks and templates and guiding you through potentially complicated people processes or issues, to finding creative ways to bring your goals, vision and values to life – and we do all this with a sense of humour and a smile on our face!

We offer the flexibility to work by phone, Skype or email but we will happily work from your office when needed.

We can help you with all manner of people issues, big or small – but here is a selection of some of the areas we cover:


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We can help you with all things Recruitment, whether it’s job descriptions, advertisements, shortlisting, interviewing, etc. Using recruitment agents can be extremely costly and not always reliable so we can help you reduce the cost or just provide you with a few tools to help ease the process.



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Staff / Manager Training

Managers often end up as managers because they are great at their jobs. But when did they get training or advice on how to be a good manager and how to deal with the resulting responsibilities? We provide informal bite-size training sessions or one to one guidance on all manner of subjects from Appraisals to Absence Management, from Difficult Conversations to Recruitment. If there is an area we don’t already cover that you think all your managers would benefit from training on, we can tailor make the training for your business or put you in touch with someone who can provide specialist technical training.


As well as group training sessions we offer one to one sessions with managers and business leaders/owners to help them through particular issues or just to help them develop their skills and confidence.



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Contracts/Letter Templates

Maybe you need a set of template contracts and offer letters which you can amend as necessary, or maybe you are concerned that what you have is out of date, leaves you open to potential claims or just sounds too impersonal. We will take a look at what you have and suggest changes or provide you with fresh documentation.

Staff Handbook

All companies should have a handbook to help new joiners feel welcomed and to give them some insight into how things work at their new company. Even better if it reflects the tone of the company and feels relevant to the staff and business. We can provide you with the essentials or work with you to tailor it to your needs and your brand.

Policies & Procedures

There is the option to cover all areas of employment in detail to ensure expectations are absolutely clear; or you may want to give your staff a degree of flexibility to use their own discretion and judgment. We can talk you through what each option looks like in practise and how to safeguard your business either way.


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In this ever changing world redundancies and restructures have unfortunately become par for the course. With good planning and care these processes can be handled effectively and with sensitivity whilst still achieving the business aims. We can review how work is divided across departments and the effectiveness of the current structure; as well as manage any changes to roles and resulting redundancies.



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You may want to overhaul your recruitment process, introduce a new system or audit your HR needs. Maybe you are concerned about losing good employees or sickness levels are increasing across the business or you don’t know how to manage new joiners. Whatever concern or project you have in mind talk us through it and we can go through the options and cost.


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Employee Benefits

If you are looking to introduce a benefit system or recognition scheme to drive individual performance and business results, or you want to look at your annual review and bonus scheme, we can help you design and implement the right solution.

Employee Engagement

Everyone knows happy staff make for productive staff but what does that mean and how can you make sure your staff are engaged? Maybe you want to consider staff surveys or exit interviews to gain some insight? By really getting to know your business and your employees we can help you find new and interesting ways to make sure they love coming in to work and that they have great things to say about the company!


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Performance Management

Not everyone can be good at everything but sometimes the hardest aspect of poor performance is having the confidence and skill to discuss it with the staff member. We can help you find ways to use the probationary period more effectively, plan and manage those difficult conversations, turn poor performance around or deal with the consequences if the performance doesn’t improve. And if you have some great members of staff who are performing at the top of their game, even better! We can help you ensure their performance is recognised and that they continue to be motivated and engaged.

Absence Management

Whether you want to track holidays or sickness more effectively or understand how to manage upcoming maternity, paternity or shared parental leave within the law, we can provide the solutions and the information. If you are starting to worry about how much time someone is taking off sick, chances are the issue won’t improve on its own and if you leave it too long it could become a much more costly and time-consuming problem, so talk it through with us and let us help you nip it in the bud.


Do you need to respond to a complaint, investigate an allegation or instigate a formal process? We have extensive experience in all manner of disciplinaries and grievances (you wouldn’t believe some of the things we’ve seen – not that we’d tell you!). Not all people related issues have to, or should, go down a formal, drawn out and expensive process; often they can be managed much more quickly and effectively through a more relaxed, personal approach and through simple conversation. This can be led by you with our advice and guidance or we can manage these conversations on your behalf. 

Staff going through any type of formal process often respond in similar but potentially concerning ways. With our help you will know what to expect and be able to plan in advance making the whole process much less stressful and leaving you in control.

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