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What if people processes pumped up workplaces rather than drained energy? What could it look like if HR guided with gusto, not just process? 

What if human resources brimmed with the human element – personalised understanding, vibrant care and passion around nurturing each employee’s potential?

This uplifting vision comes to life in the Limelight HR approach! Our speciality is crafting experiences around what makes each person leap out of bed in the morning. 

We build community, unlock potential, and handle headaches that hinder happiness – all with spirited support.

In short, we’re HR with heart! And we’d love to share more about our mission to help work feel inspiring. Our team excel in:

1. Fostering real relationships beyond roles

Forget mechanically matching names to org charts. We take time to discover motivations, strengths, growth areas - everything that makes a person leap out of bed each morning! Understanding individuals, not just job titles, allows us to inspire in personalised ways.

2. Communicating clearly without reverting to legal lingo

Let's be honest - old-school HR vocabulary puts even eager employees to sleep! We transform complex guidelines into easy-to-understand language anyone can digest. We always translate policies into straightforward speech with real-world examples that connect.

3. Resolving conflicts through customised compromise

We don't just recite handbook regulations sections when disagreements occur and wash our hands. We dig into the multifaceted human triggers on both sides - and then guide groups to creative solutions personalised to the situation, not rigid law. 

4. We care, like really care

Check-the-box HR reps process paperwork and move on unchanged. But our team pours heart and soul into each person and company we serve.

You'll see that passion for unlocking potential shine through in every personalised coaching session, warm employee chat, creative conflict mediation and more. 

We invest in understanding each employee on a level that fosters genuine, lasting bonds.

That care and commitment don't go unnoticed. As one client shared:

“Like most small business owners, finding the time to get everything done, and to do it well, is a constant challenge. As we have expanded over recent months, I found our staff contracts to be a mixture of documentation “borrowed” from friends and previous employers which had little relevance to where we are as a business today and where we want to be in the future.

Sally provided an initial consultation and took the time ask questions, most of which I hadn’t even considered previously, to really get an understanding of the needs, challenges and aspirations of my business and came back with contracts and a staff handbook that reflected our values and gave me the confidence that we are able to approach any HR issues in the right way. Sally and her team are approachable, knowledgeable and have become a valued partner.” - MD

Stories like this are why we spring out of bed each morning. Your victories feel like our victories. When you work with Limelight HR, you quickly see we're not vendors - we're your people champions for the long haul.

5. We Help Unleash Workplace Optimism

HR often has a reputation for being painfully professional and serious - a.k .a. dull. But we couldn't disagree more! Sure, policies provide foundations, but the laughter, creativity and camaraderie around those foundations make companies stand out.

That's why you'll find our team constantly keeping spirits bright. We coach leaders on injecting positivity and celebrating wins frequently. We motivate managers to boost energy through quick team-building activities. We inspire executives to integrate fun into dull meetings!

As one client gratefully put it:

“I can not recommend Sally and Limelight HR enough. As a small employer her advice and services have been spot on. She gets the balance of being professional and approachable, plus she tell you what you need to know in a language than non HR people understand and that is priceless. If you are a small to medium employer and need HR advice or processes or procedures setting up - give her a call first! Thank you Sally you really have been amazing!” - MD

Uplifting stories like this drive our vision to inject more spirit into essential people processes. Because inspired, empowered people are what enables success.  The result? Work feels human again - fueled by people first, paperwork last. 

Are you ready to champion your organisation's heart and soul? 

Reach out anytime to chat about igniting your employee experience!

Launching a business starts as a labour of love around something you care deeply about - maybe it’s building new technology, advancing medicine, spreading art and culture, or beyond.

You pour heart and soul into the initial work, driven by passion and a sense of purpose. Employees join the early efforts, working shoulder-to-shoulder, united by a shared vision.

But as the business grows from a tiny seedling to an oak tree with tens of employees, that tight alignment around the mission often starts fraying at the edges.

Managers and staff who once sat across a conference table now occupy different buildings or even cities. The camaraderie giving work deeper meaning erodes. Leadership loses touch with the day-to-day employee experience on the frontlines.

Staff start to feel like cogs in a machine rather than co-creators in a cause. Vital information filters slowly through rigid chains of command. Promising ideas from those closest to customers never reach executives who can act.

That's where Limelight HR lends a hand - the workplace helpers knitting back together estranged leadership and teams.  Here's a glimpse at our collaborative approach:

We bridge the gap by listening first, combining the goals of both managers and staff. We guide leadership in boosting cultural connection while assisting staff in effectively voicing ideas.

The result? Alignment around the mission is restored top-down and bottom-up. Work regains meaning as everyone rebounds around the same inspirations that launched the business originally.

How Do We Weave That Magic?

It starts with rebuilding trust and communication on both sides. Employees want reassurance they’re valued - not just assets to be maximised. 

Managers need confidence in their teams to understand accountability. We make that happen through:

1. Career coaching anchored in caring

Each person needs a champ listening to their goals and struggles. We give staff heartfelt career advice tailored to nurturing their growth and joy at work - rebuilding loyalty.

2. Crystal clear guidelines shaped WITH teams

Rules shouldn’t read like legal disclaimers - they should uplift people! We run lively workshops for teams to co-create policies that make sense for real needs. The process bonds teams, while the outcome provides clarity for all.

3. A mediation hotline for defusing tensions FAST

We’re just a call away as impartial sounding boards when disagreements inevitably arise. Letting parties speak openly first diffuses emotions. 

With calm restored, we uncover win-win compromises focusing on understanding.

The Result? 

Workplaces where the Monday morning smiles say it all. People feel valued as human beings, while leadership has confidence in attracting and retaining talent. 

That’s the HR experience Limelight serves up - where essentials come with an extra helping of fulfilment!

Let’s chat more about the workplace culture revolution - we need more dreamers like you leading it!

Looking to give your team HR support that feels like a warm hug?

As a leader, you know, having a team that wakes up excited to kick off each workday is priceless. But giving people genuine support takes knowing your staff on a human level - understanding frustrations, celebrating wins, listening to goals.

That degree of TLC requires HR savvy. Cue the Limelight HR team - we become your team’s biggest fans! Let’s explore how we take workplace experiences to heart:

Bridging Knowledge Gaps with Care

Many well-meaning managers juggle HR tasks on top of their workload. But even the most dedicated leaders stretching themselves thin may lack specialised people skills training. 

This can inadvertently lead to:

First-day flops - Even thoughtful managers pressed for time may leave new hires feeling bewildered their first weeks, needing more nurturing.

Playing catch-up with problems - Without HR experience, managers often respond to issues only once tensions are high rather than listening ahead.

Inconsistent support - Approaches can organically vary between managers, causing confusion and assumptions of favouritism.

The result? 

Unintended morale drops over time, and talent is lost. Companies aiming high require specialised help setting managers up for success.

Our Specialty: Bringing Out Your People’s Potential

This is where Limelight HR provides specialised support, including:

Welcoming every newcomer warmly - We help companies think through onboarding experiences to make recent hires feel supported from day one.

Staying proactively in tune - Our team can assist in regularly checking in with team members to uncover frustrations early before they escalate.

Cultivating consistent caring - We guide business owners in training managers to build understanding connections across all departments and roles. People feel recognised company-wide.

The outcome? 

Happier, more unified teams when support is tailored to helping each person thrive as their best selves at work.

Reimagine What HR Support Can Feel Like

Isn’t it time to rethink workplace experiences? To envision people processes that spark smiles, not sighs? 

That’s the Limelight HR difference. Our passion is crafting HR that makes Mondays awaken dreams, not dread!

We become your cheerleaders, championing every team member’s growth and happiness. From lively onboarding chats to candid career advice to simply an open ear for venting, we revel in nurturing potential.

Go ahead - picture your team feeling truly supported as their best selves at work. Then make it real! 

Reach out to start the conversation on how we can help you support your team in the friendly Limelight HR way. Our speciality is HR with personality. 

These days, every penny counts. We instinctively pinch those purse strings tight as costs climb across the board. But your team is everything - cutting support for them can cost you way more in the long run.

What if you could safeguard your people AND slash costs? Outsourcing HR does exactly that - when done the Limelight way!

Doing HR yourself often looks cheaper on paper. But those hidden costs add up fast:

Saved on salaries and systems? Not when you tally the time your leaders spend on unfamiliar HR tasks. Our outsourced experts free their time to focus on growth. Way better ROI!

Avoided expenditures? Not when a misstep sparks grievances or turnover. Our guidance reduces those risks and the giant bills that come with them!

The bottom line? 

Outsourcing HR cuts costs WHILE investing in your team when done right. 

Our passion is making your job easier, your people happier, and your business more resilient - no matter what the economy throws our way!

1) We keep your budgets breathing easy

HR needs can balloon fast. We make it simple with support tailored to each week's priorities. You only pay for what you need when you need it!

2) We free you to grow

Struggling with HR tasks? We lift that work off your shoulders with a smile. Our experts empower leaders to do what they do best while we tackle people's priorities!

3) We've got your team's back

We all need someone in our corner during turbulent times. At Limelight HR, we become your people's champion so they feel supported no matter the climate.

Invest in the backbone of your business - your team! 

Outsourcing to Limelight HR helps budgets AND culture thrive. Reach out today to start a conversation about right-sizing HR support for the road ahead!

When you started your business, HR processes were likely the furthest thing from your mind. You wanted to create, build and help your customers. But as you grow, even basic HR admin can become a drag on time and focus.

What if you could just hand tasks off to the experts? And not just any experts - people who vibe with your style?

Outsourcing to Limelight HR means partnering with HR pros who become an extension of your culture. Forget stiff suits and cut-paste policies - we actually enjoy this HR thing and want you to as well!

Here's the lowdown on outsourcing Limelight style:

What could you outsource?

We don't believe in one-size-fits-all. As your partner, we assess your priorities and take on whatever tasks make sense to free your time while supporting your people. That may include:

Over time, as you grow, we evolve what we handle to match. Our goal is to keep you focused on your customers while we tackle the people fundamentals with a smile.

Why we just click with our clients

There are tons of HR companies out there. But clients pick us because our human approach focuses on connections, not just compliance. Key perks of working with Limelight HR include:

1. Making HR Human!

Let's face it, people processes can suck the life out of anyone. But we liven it up with real relationships and keep things refreshingly human for your team.

2. Blending HR into your Vibe

Every company has a different twist. We take time to understand and reflect on your brand in supporting your people. So, our solutions feel like an extension of your culture.

3. Becoming your go-to HR BFFs!

We don't just hand you impersonal HR documents and walk away. Our experts become your trusted advisors for any people questions or issues that crop up. Consider us your new HR BFFs!

What happens if we team up?

If outsourcing to the Limelight Crew sounds like just the HR refresh your business needs, here's a peek at the process:

Kickoff: We grab coffee (*outdoors when possible!*) and start getting to know each other's goals and style—low-key and conversational.

Transition: For any current HR systems you want to hand off, we work side-by-side to shift responsibilities to us. Totally flexible to each company's needs!

Ongoing Support: This is the fun part where we now take the reins on agreed HR tasks while still feeling to your team like an integrated extension of your brand!

So, are you ready to liven up your HR game a little? 

Ditch the old-school outsourcing experience and bring some Limelight flair to your people processes. Give us a shout if you want HR support reflecting the soul of your company! The vibe check starts with a friendly hello!

Is outsourcing right for my business? 

Running a business is no walk in the park. With so much on your plate, from managing staff to growing sales, even basic HR admin can slip down the priority list. 

But your people are your business, and if you want a successful, values-driven company, you need systems supporting your staff - without overcomplicating things.

Outsourcing key bits of HR to the specialists could be the breather your business needs. But where do you start? And how do you know if outsourcing is right for your specific needs?

What would you outsource?

By outsourcing HR tasks, we mean partnering with a provider like Limelight HR to manage specific processes for you. That could include anything from drafting contracts to organising staff socials. The key is cherrypicking what to outsource so the solutions fit you.

For most firms, that means starting small by outsourcing transactional or administrative HR activities. Things like:

- Contracts 

- Managing a redundancy processes end-to-end

- Drafting employee handbooks

Over time, as you grow, you might outsource bigger projects like recruitment, learning and development programs. The goal is to take tasks off your plate so you can focus on business growth - while knowing your people processes are covered.

Why might outsourcing be right for my business?

Beyond just easing admin, partnering with HR experts brings tonnes of perks. Top benefits include:

1. Saving Money 

When you outsource, you swap the costs of a full-time HR person for a flexible, pay-as-you-go service. It keeps costs predictable as you grow, paying only for what you use.

2. Reducing Risks

HR brings loads of legal risk if processes go awry. But outsourcing transfers this risk, leaning on experts to ensure compliance. This keeps your reputation and finances protected.  

3. Levelling-up Efficiency  

Your chosen HR partner will have whizzy technology that gets the job done fast. And their experts make sure everything runs like clockwork end-to-end. This takes work off your hands quickly and accurately.

4. Benefiting from expertise

The best bit? Outsourcing gives you a dedicated HR consultant in your corner—someone who becomes a trusted partner and brings best practices right to your business.

So, outsourcing ticks all the boxes if you want HR processes to work while you grow on your terms. It takes away the headache while bringing expertise on demand. And partners like Limelight HR make it a personal, high-touch experience that becomes an extension of your culture and brand.

The Limelight Difference

While HR oversees serious stuff like compliance and workplace culture, we believe it goes hand-in-hand with creating enjoyable, engaging workplaces where people thrive. 

We are an HR company that builds creative, family-feel organisations that are fast, fun and full of dedicated people. The Limelight HR way is all about bringing that feel-good factor to essential processes. 

We become your partner in living and breathing your values in a way team members appreciate. This helps make work enjoyable while boosting retention and performance. It's HR with a splash of colour rather than just black-and-white policies. 

So you get critical people support infused with personality, joy and meaningful connection. All while keeping the essentials running smoothly.

We show that you can have rigour and fun fueling your workplace side-by-side!

Interested to chat?

Let's talk if you think outsourcing HR could help your business keep flying high. We would love to hear about your growth plans and explore how we can support your mission. Give our team a shout!

When we see the words diversity, equality, and inclusion, we can panic a little bit.  Don’t worry, I feel that too. But, what if I told you that we don’t need to fear this conversation and we are more likely to succeed when we embrace it?


‘When Queer folks don’t have to waste their energy on dynamically risk assessing their environment productivity and creativity goes up.’ – Claudia Woody


Claudia Woody one of the most powerful LGBT women in business completed a study called, ‘the cost of thinking twice’ and it was to show statistics and information on how our work environment changes when people feel safe to come out and don’t have to hide who they are.  Humans dynamically risk assess all the time, we did it this morning whilst we were making our morning coffee, whilst we were driving to work or dropping the kids off at school.  We do this sub-consciously to make sure that we are safe.  Queer folks do this on a heightened level; where is my nearest exit, can I use the bathroom without judgement, can I speak to my colleagues about my weekend with my same gendered partner and our fostered children?  These questions are on a constant loop to make sure that they are safe to be who they are but, it is fuelled by adrenaline and anxiety.  This level of thought processing is pretty draining and as queer person myself; I feel it.

So, what can we do to ease this dynamic risk assessment for queer people?

1. Pronoun Development

Conversations around pronouns are becoming a lot louder in the spaces we take up and about how we need to stop assuming someone’s gender or identity from face value.  Ways we can do this is by establishing what pronouns someone uses so that we can affirm their identity, create visibility, and champion them on being their authentical selves. 

Here are a few ways we can do this together:

-        Ask what someone’s pronouns are. ‘Hello, can I please ask what your pronouns are?’

-        Using gender neutral language until someone corrects you.

-        Instead of using a pronoun use their name instead (they will probably as you why you keep saying their name on repeat)

-        Introduce yourself using your own pronouns. ‘Hello, my name is Alex and I use they/them pronouns.’


These 10 second steps make all the difference when inviting people into conversations and affirming that not everyone lives within the gender binary.  By doing this you will ease the feeling of anxiety and allow that person to feel more comfortable to show off their amazing assets. 

2. Staff Training

CPD and keeping ourselves up to date with our learning is important when we are delivering a service or a product to someone.  They want to know, that you know your stuff.  Inclusion training is just as important for you and your team.  Offering awareness or knowledge building training around the LGBTQIA+ community creates space for people to learn and expand their knowledge on how they can support, work, and reach out to more people that require what you have.  Having this embedded into your induction package and annual training matrix creates a culture of knowing who your clients are or potential clients could be.  You general safer spaces where people can trust you to validate and respect their lived experienced a long with giving them a sense of belonging and knowing the significance of having their voice here.

3. Language habits:

We all have our own language habits that we can developed since we were born, and they will change depending on the environment you are in.  How you speak to your family will be completely different to how you speak to your friends or your work colleagues.  Stepping away from gendered language and finding creative ways in how we can include other people gives visibility and empowerment. 

-        Introductions, ‘Hello everyone, Hello folks, Hello lovelies, Hello earthlings.’ – You can get super creative.  By moving away from ‘Hello ladies and gentlemen, hello boys and girls.’ We represent people that live outside the gender binary and we adapt our language to reach a wider audience.


Why is this important in business?

We want people to be able to reach our services and products, we want people to be invested into our businesses and to make genuine and real connections, we want a strong foundation for people to feel seen and heard.  Inclusion is a significant part of this growth.  When we lean into conversations surrounding inclusion it can be uncomfortable because we all get scared to get it wrong; but right now, I give you all full permission to get things wrong so that you can get things right; this is the only way we can move forward so that we have:


-        Positive work culture

-         Staff retainment

-        Strong leadership

-        Clear communication

-        A compassion environment.


‘You are 35% more likely to be profitable in your business if you are visibly and actively inclusive.’ – Claudia Woody

Skimming stones was something I loved to do as a kid.  I would search for the perfect stone, stand on the water’s edge and skim away.  How magical is it when you see the ripples that come off the stone, they just keep going and going, watching the ripples expand over the water get bigger and bigger.  When we take 10 seconds to make one move for active inclusion, we start our own ripples in our business which expand and grow with time and patience.  We have the power to make change, we have control to platform more people and give them a sense of belonging where they can be unapologetically themselves.  Pick up a stone, it doesn’t have to be perfect, take a deep breath, skim away and watch the magic unfold.

If you need support or guidance, please contact to speak with Alex to find out how they can help you make these steps for yourself and your business.

It’s no secret that movement is good for you. After all, the human body is meant to move. And yet, in our increasingly sedentary lives, it can be easy to forget this simple truth. But what if we told you that moving more and being more active could actually make you happier and more productive in life and at work?

Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional, and mental states.

— Carol Welch

Studies have shown that exercise helps to increase focus, reduce mental fatigue, improve memory recall, and stimulate creativity. In other words, regular exercise can make you better at processing complex information quickly and accurately—which is very useful when you’re trying to tackle a big project or make important decisions. When we engage in regular physical activity, we start to release happiness hormones such as serotonin and dopamine, this then helps to reduce anxiety and depression and especially stress related emotions. If just taking part in one type of movement a day can improve your general working day then why don’t we do it more often…

But, not only does movement and exercise help with the day-to-day, there are so many other benefits such as:

·        More focus on tasks

·        A better night sleep!

·        An improved mind, feeling less anxious and more relaxed

·        More motivation for both work and life

·        Higher productivity levels


Higher productivity levels as well as increased efficiency (think faster workflows!) and generally a feeling of all round goodness… What more could you want for your team?

So… as a Manager how can you promote moving more in your workplace?

We know it can be hard to find the time or motivation to move when you’re busy running a business or the team are working away.

But there are some easy ways around this!

Even small things like taking regular breaks throughout the day or standing while you make phone calls can help get your body moving without taking up too much time away from work obligations. Another tip is to set aside an hour each day (either early morning or late evening, whenever works best for you) just for physical activity—whether that be going for a walk outside, doing yoga at home/at work, or even signing up for a fitness class—anything that gets your body moving will do!

As you can see, making small changes towards incorporating more movement into your daily routine can pay off big-time—in terms of both productivity AND happiness.

Here at Limelight, we have been doing our own lunchtime Yoga class with Jess, our Yoga instructor & Health & Wellbeing Consultant, for six months, and it has made a huge difference to our overall wellbeing in the team and in the office.

Overall, movement can improve your personal life as well as your professional pursuits! So get out there today and get moving! You won’t regret it! If you need any help or support on how to do this contact for more information as to how she can help you are your team this month and going forward.

It’s that time of the year again when we start thinking about how we can ‘better’ ourselves and our diets for the new year! One of those ways is through Veganuary. The question is - have you ever thought about becoming vegan or cutting specific parts out of your diet? If the answer is yes, then read on…

Being ‘Vegan’ often has this stigma that people are cutting out nutrients from meat, dairy, and other animal products that we need but this is a total misconception, believe it or not Vegan food is extremely good for you and gives you everything you need in your day to day, if not more!

All year round I am a vegetarian but each January I do Veganuary to detox my body and set the year off right, eating good wholesome foods that my body will thank me for. SO! How do you do this and how can you implement this into your working day?

1.  It’s all in the planning! 

Before you start your month of eating as vegan, plan! One of my favourite things to do every Sunday to prepare for this is to plan out exactly what I am going to eat for my three meals of the day, for the week and this includes what I am going to take with me to work too. An example of what this might look like is:


Breakfast – Breakfast cereal with plant-based milk such as Oat milk, Almond Milk or Coconut milk.

Lunch – Jacket potato with baked beans and dairy free cheese/ Homemade, dairy free soup.

Evening meal – Vegetable stir-fry with tofu if you’d like to spice it up! (Tofu is a great source of protein!)

2. Find your WHY!

Why are you trying Veganuary? Are you doing it for your health, are you doing it because you want to become more sustainable or are you doing it just for fun!? One of the best ways to stay motivated to form a new habit is to find a reason for why you’re doing it, without a reason the mind can try and convince you that it doesn’t matter or that you don’t ‘need’ to commit. But by remembering that ‘why’, you can fight the urge to quit! The best thing about food choices is that your ‘why’ is a totally personal thing and it doesn’t have to matter to anyone else but you.

3.  Ease yourself in and don’t panic… if you slip up WHO CARES!

It’s the 1st of Jan and you haven’t eaten fully vegan but DON’T PANIC! Most people don’t go vegan overnight… it is hard to do when you are so used to eating completely different foods. Personally, I am a veggie so I can have a smoother transition into veganism, but it is not the same for everyone. The one thing to remember is that there is no need to completely re-invent your eating habits, it’s a personal journey and not a competition. For this to be a sustainable month of eating, you need to do whatever works for you so take it slow, ease yourself into the new plan and make it enjoyable for you. (I promise you…there aren’t any vegan police coming to your door!)

4.  Discover new or accidently vegan foods

One of my favourite things about trying vegan food is that you can discover that some of the food you are eating already is vegan. Want to know my 3 top favourite vegan products that you could try? You’d be surprised how yummy they are! All these products are so tasty and super affordable.

·        Linda McCartney Vegetarian Sausages – and Vegan!

·        Aldi Chunky Guacamole dip

·        M&S Plant based Hazelnut Spread (Vegan Nutella)

5. Have fun!

Going vegan can be a huge learning curve, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun, especially for just one month. Many people find that becoming vegan opens up a whole new world of recipes and ingredients and rekindles their love of great food. Personally, being vegan helps me to detox and makes me feel really good physically and mentally. That is my why and it is what gets me through the month.

We hope that these tips and tricks are useful! Here at Limelight we are always trying to be more sustainable and to promote health and wellbeing. If you feel your business could benefit from Wellbeing support whether that is food related or not, get in touch by dropping me an email to

"MONEY MONEY MONEY!" as sung by ABBA, is a big part of everyone's lives. Everywhere we look right now, we are being reminded of the rising prices of bills, and it's often exhausting hearing about money lack through friends, on the news, or on the radio. So what can you do as a manager to help reduce this stress in the workplace?

Financial wellbeing is about feeling secure and in control, knowing you can pay the bills, deal with the unexpected and are on track for a healthy financial future. This sense of control is essential for teams because people who feel confident in their finances are generally happier and more engaged, which results in higher productivity at work. By helping employees improve their wellbeing, you can simultaneously improve retention and morale and raise overall happiness.

Many managers see 'financial wellbeing' as having more money and think the fastest and easiest way to do this is by upping salaries. Although giving someone a well-deserved pay rise can help with money worries, it is not the only thing you can do for your team, and it's not always possible. So, what else can you do to help support your people more... read on!

Pay a fair salary

There are many ways of defining 'fairness' regarding salary. Here are a few top tips:

In being more aware of these elements and communicating them clearly, you will feel happier knowing you have been able to support your team, and everyone else will feel safer because of the clarity.

Ensure expenses are paid on time

One of the easiest and best ways to help people with the cost of living is to ensure you have an expenses process in place and that any claims are paid on time. Staff who feel they will receive their money back regularly and on time will feel supported and trust the company to look after them the right way. If you have any concerns about drawing up an Expenses Policy, you can speak to an HR consultancy like ours or your accountant.

Offer perks that help with common money worries

What perks do you already have in place for employees? Have you communicated these recently? If not, remind people what is available and how they can access them. During this time of rising living costs, it is an idea to look at what additional benefits you can introduce or if there are some you can replace because they're not being used. Access to discounts and freebies always help, even if it is just a free coffee a week, or a free tuck box in the office. Engage with your team and ask them what they would like

Share information about useful financial products and services

As a business owner or manager, you may come across products, services, or articles about money or how to be cost-effective as a business. This is a great opportunity to share with your team, whether it relates to business or personal finances!

Offer support where needed

As a manager one of the best things you can do for your team is give them support for both work-related issues and personal issues. It is known that if your employees feel they can talk to you and confide in you, they are much happier at work. Ask yourself this question today, can your employees come to you with their worries? Have you encouraged them to open up and share any concerns affecting how they feel and act on a daily basis? Have you considered if they need somewhere confidential to go outside of the business to raise any concerns, particularly if you have a small business without an HR team?

Whatever you do, as with anything related to your people, communicate openly and honestly and if you know your team may be worried, open up the conversation for them. Ignoring something because you're not sure what to do or say will only make the problem worse. If you need help on how to have those conversations please do reach out to us at Limelight HR on