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We're delighted you've bought The Planager and we're excited to share our Awareness Days ideas with you.

You can use them to create a bit of fun within the team whilst building an inclusive workplace where employee wellbeing is embraced and supported.

Team Limelight



  • The annual sponsored beard grow is back! All across the country men will be putting away the razors and growing beards for December to raise awareness and money to support our vital research and lifesaving work to stop bowel cancer, can you as a team join them this year!?

  • If you are an all female team, can you do something to help raise money/awareness for this cause in December?

Illumination Street Week

  • Illumination Street is an annual event that celebrates the passion, flair and effort that people across Britain undertake to brighten up their streets in the build-up to Christmas. Use this week to decorate your office or workspace! Bright, festive decorations bring a lot of happiness and positivity into the workspace!

  • Can you challenge one of your team members to DIY a brand new Christmas decoration for the office!? One rule… It has to be hand made!

Cyber Monday

Giving Tuesday

World Conservation Day

St Nicholas Day

Christmas Jumper Day

  • Sally’s favourite day of the year! It is an absolute necessity to wear a Christmas jumper today in the workplace. Make sure your team are aware of what Jumper they are going to wear prior to this day!

  • Even better, can your team find a Christmas jumper from someone else or a charity shop, make it eco friendly!

Small Business Saturday

  • Today is the day to support small businesses all around you, no matter what the industry! A tip for your team today could be to write up a social media post advertising and recommending a small business you love to share the word, small businesses need this more than ever.

  • What a better way to celebrate than with some food/hot drinks from an independent cafe, grab something today from a local small business café!

National Brownie Day

Green Monday

Human Rights Day

  • Do you and your team know your human rights? If not, get clued up on them today and remind yourself!

  • Can you share the Human right’s newsletter on your social media today to raise awareness too?

Chocolate Covered Anything Day

  • Today is all about Chocolate!! On this day, dip and drizzle your favourite foods in every kind of chocolate imaginable. As a manager can you bring in some chocolate for people to have today?

  • Why not challenge a creative member of the team to create some chocolate covered foods for you all to try… chocolate covered strawberries is always a popular one!

Winter Solstice

  • You could celebrate the Winter Solstice by decorating an indoor/outdoor yule tree because why not, this could be a fun activity for the team to do before Christmas!


Movember - Men’s Mental Health Awareness Month

• Who can grow the longest Moustache – the best one gets a prize!

• But…this day isn’t just about the Men! Let people design and make their own moustaches! You can charge just a couple of pounds to enter (or even a free event, if you’re just raising awareness), and let staff create their own fantasy facial hair using whatever they want. Get creative!

Talk Money Week

Anti-Bullying Week

Bonfire Night (Guy Fawkes Night)

How much do your team know about bonfire night and the history of it? Why not make a little quiz up – we all celebrate bonfire night, but do we know the real meaning of it?

So this one might be a good idea! As we know, Bonfire night can be crazy busy on the roads – why not gift your team with a 30 minute early finish so that they can get all wrapped up and ready to go?

National Stress Awareness Day

  • One of the best ways to relieve some stress is to get creative, to let that brain focus on something else for at least 5 minutes! Can you organise a quick creative activity you could do as a team today, this could be anything from drawing to playing a game!

  • Being stressed is a tough feeling, make sure your team know they can voice this to you and remind them of this today.

World Vegan Day

• A good, and affordable idea, for world vegan day could be to organise a vegan theme lunch for the team! This doesn’t need to be anything fancy, why not try a buffet style option!

• Have you got anyone in your team who is a vegan? Why not ask them to create a mini lunch time quiz to go along with the lunch?

National Capuccino Day

Bonfire Night

  • How much do your team know about bonfire night and the history of it? Why not make a little quiz up – we all celebrate bonfire night, but do we know the real meaning of it?

  • So this one might be a good idea! As we know, Bonfire night can be crazy busy on the roads – why not gift your team with a 30 minute early finish so that they can get all wrapped up and ready to go?

Remembrance Day

World Kindness Day

  • World kindness day is all about general kindness in work and home life. We have an idea for you to try today, ask your team to each write a positive message on a post-it note and leave it on someone’s desk. Pop names into a hat to decide the person you are giving your message to!

  • Hold the door open for someone at work today, such a simple act of kindness but always makes someone smile!

International Students Day

International Men’s Day

  • Often Men can have stress/mental health issues they don’t want to talk about, check in with the men today!

World Television Day

National Espresso Day


  • There are so many things you can do to celebrate thanksgiving, it’s all about being grateful for what you have around you. So, an idea for your team is to set up a “Thank you” themed employee recognition program today, show your staff how much you appreciate them and why, it will make their day!

Black Friday


Giving Tuesday

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Depression Awareness Month

Go Sober for October

·       Challenge your team to be sober this October! Could you do this for a Charity and set up a chart in your workplace for how everyone is doing?

·       For anyone who is trying Sober October, help them celebrate the small wins!

National Bullying Prevention Month

·       Encourage staff taking actions which reduce bullying-induced stress, such as exercise at lunchtime or walking meetings. Make use of light-hearted business events to celebrate the diversity of your workforce and encourage teams to mix – thereby building richer perspectives of co-workers as real people.

Dyslexia Awareness Week

World Vegetarian Day

International Music Day

International Coffee Day

Buy British Day

·       3rd October is ‘Buy British day’ and what better way to buy British than purchase an item of food! The most common and typical foods eaten in Britain include the sandwich, fish and chips, pies like the Cornish pasty, trifle, and roasts dinners, go out and treat yourself to one of these today!

·       Even better, why not provide sandwiches for your team today for lunch!

World Smile Day

·       This day is what it says on the tin! SMILE! Today, make sure you smile at everyone you see, encourage your team to do the same and see the spirits of the workplace rise!

·       People celebrate world smile day by doing random acts of kindness – can you set the challenge for your team to do this for someone today?

World Teachers Day

Grandparent’s Day

World Mental Health Day

·       World mental health day is all about checking in on your staff to make sure they are ok and not struggling, take at least 5 minutes today to check in with your team, that 5 minutes might make all the difference.

National Coming Out Day

Global Handwashing Day

World Food Day

·       Embrace your inner foodie! Why not grab yourself a nice meal tonight to celebrate world food day and show how grateful you are to have access to good food! Encourage your team to do the same!

·       Why not buy your team some sweet treats today? All food is good food!

World Values Day

·       Have you got business values? If not, now is a great day to come up with some values that show what you are about as a company.

·       If you have Values, do your team know and agree with them? A good idea for today could be to brainstorm any new values that could be added to your list.

International Chefs Day

Back To The Future Day

World Opera Day

National Pumpkin Day

National Mentoring Day


·       A very easy one! Decorate the workspace with Halloween decorations! Or make this a team building exercise to do together.

·       After this… take a selfie with the team and put it on your social media, happy Halloween!


National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Oddfellow’s Friendship Month

·       On Oddfellow’s Friendship month, the charity holds hundreds of events across the country, such as walks and picnics, pub lunches, online quizzes, and afternoon teas – can you do something similar for your team?

·       Why not join one of their online quizzes or download a new quiz to do at work this month?

Organic September

• There are so many things you can do to support organic living, why not encourage your team to shop organic as much as they can this week?

• Make one small swap to an organic cuppa!

Festival of Learning Have a Go Month

·       Over this month there will be conferences, talks and activities held across England. Could you and the team try one of the classes they have on offer on their website?

National Inclusion Week

International Week of Happiness at Work

·       This could be a great week to introduce a gratitude/recognition programme for your employees, if you don’t already have this in place. Letting your team know how grateful you are for them helps build a positive and successful environment in the company.

·       Can you bring any new benefits into the company to reward your employees? Brain storm this to see what you can come up with!

World Letter Writing Day

International Day of Charity

Read a Book Day

Emergency Services Day

·       Do your team know what to do in case of an emergency, and who to call? Check in with them about this today!

·       Post a recognition to the emergency services on your social media platforms to celebrate them today and to thank them for all they do.

World Suicide Prevention Day

·       Today is a really important day to remember to check in with your employees, as a Manager, being supportive of this can change someone’s day entirely.

·       Ask the team for a 5 minute meeting today, one by one, to see how they are feeling both at work and at home and if there is anything you can do to help or take the pressure off?

Positivity Thinking Day

Wife Appreciation Day

International Guacamole Day

International Country Music Day

National Cheeseburger Day

World Gratitude Day

Autumn Equinox

International Day of Sign Languages

World Dream Day

World Tourism Day

World Heart Day

·       Today is all about using heart in everything you do – what can you suggest today as an activity to warm the hearts of your team? – Maybe an hour off work to do have a cuppa and a chat?

·       Can you get involved with today by having a coffee morning and raising money for the heart foundation?

International Podcast Day


National Wellness Month

World Breastfeeding Week

·       Do you know anyone who is breast feeding currently? If so, take some time this week to check in with them about how they are doing, breast feeding can be extremely difficult for some women.

·       Where possible, can you Develop parent-friendly workplace policies that promote and support breastfeeding?

·       Have a think, as a Manager, how you can provide time, space/proximity and support for breastfeeding workers

Afternoon Tea Week

·       Afternoon tea week is the perfect time to bring staff together for a tea morning with lots of goodies!

·       Ask each member of the team to bring an item from a traditional afternoon tea in, see what you variety of food you can get!

·       Is there a local afternoon tea restaurant near you? If so why not treat your team to lunch.

Yorkshire Day

·       Lets celebrate Yorkshire!! Buy some Yorkshire tea, if you don’t already have it, and enjoy a cup of Yorkshire brew!

·       If you live in Yorkshire, why not visit one of the Yorkshire events this year.

Cycle to Work Day

·       Take part in the UK’s biggest cycling commute and cycle to work today instead of taking the car.

·       Cycle to Work Day is for absolutely everyone. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t cycled in years or have never cycled at all. This is just about giving it a go.

·       Sign up to the ‘Love to Ride Community’ on either FB and Strava and get involved online. Log your ride and enter the prize draw. Home : Love to Ride Cyclescheme

International Beer Day

National Day for Play

·       This years Playday theme is building play opportunities for ALL children, do you have team members who have children, if so, why not offer them an early finish this week to take their kids for a play date? With everything going on in the world right now, play is more important than ever.

·       Do you have kids yourself? Organise a Play Day event for the weekend to celebrate giving kids what they need most!

International Cat Day

National Book Lovers Day

Lazy Day

International Vlogging Day

National Prosecco Day

·       National Prosecco Day actually falls on a Monday this year but what a better way to start the working week with a glazz of bubbly! – Why not treat the team to one at the end of the day?!

·       Could you buy someone you love a bottle of prosecco today (to share!)

Never Give Up Day

·       Never give up day is all about motivating each other! Ask your team to come up with a motivational quote each to share with the team today.

·       Is there anyone who is doing something that needs motivation, help them out today!

World Photography Day

·       Do you take many photos at work? Capture some more memories at work today, you could even get them printed and stick them up where everyone can see them!

·       How decorative is your work space!? Could you look at getting some local photography to make it more appealing?

National Radio Day

Summer Bank Holiday

National Beach Day


National Picnic Month

  • Take your team out for a picnic!

  • Ask each member of the team to make something to bring along – and it has to be homemade

  • Can you organise a game to play at the picnic to bring the team together?

Samaritans ‘Talk to Us’ Month

  • Offer a safe space today for anyone to come and have a chat with you, in case they have anything they want to raise to do with home life or work.

  • For today, listen to someone in a meeting without interrupting to make them feel heard.

  • Train staff to be Mental Health first aiders or champions

Plastic Free July

  • Do you recycle in your workplace? If not, now is the time to start! Set some targets for the month

  • Check your tea bags are plastic free and replace them if they’re not – you’d be surprised!

  • Set your team a challenge to reduce plastic and home and at work this month, get your clients involved too!

Alcohol Awareness Week

International Joke Day

Start of Wimbeldon

National Reggae Day

World Chocolate Day

  • The best day!!! Chocolate spread on toast, cupcakes, hot chocolate, boxes of chocolate…so many possibilities

  • Surprise your team with a mid-afternoon chocolate treat or a chocolate bar on their desk when they come in

  • It might be worth organising a team walk to work it off too!

Euros Final

National Give Something Away Day

National Cherry Day

International Chess Day

National Ice Cream Day

National Wine and Cheese Day

  • How about a wine and cheese picnic or gathering after work

  • Get everyone to bring in their favourite cheese and you supply the wine (include some non-alcoholic versions)

International Day of Friendship

  • Have you taken on any new people recently, if so make sure they are buddied up with someone who can help them with any questions they have

  • Encourage a skill sharing day

  • Encourage everyone to take their lunch break and spend time with their friends today

  • Give a shout out to everyone for supporting each other at work


Pride Month

  • The heritage of Pride month is really interesting – take a look at the link for more insight

  • Meanwhile, bring out the rainbow flags and clothing and dig out the glitter – get ready to join in the festivities worldwide

  • Check out of there is a local pride march your company could get involved in

  • Educate your teams to understand challenges faced by LGBTQ+ people

PTSD Awareness Month

National Volunteers Week

  • Volunteers are AMAZING!  They give their time, energy and smiles to SO many worthy causes

  • Why not get your company involved and donate a day/half a day to helping a local charity – many of them would love help with their premises, gardens etc.

  • Get everyone involved by voting for a charity to support – remember your local independents too!

Mens Mental Health Week

Global Day of Parents

  • Review and promote your family friendly policies

  • If you have any employee groups that include a parents group get them involved in putting on a talk or an event

Leave the Office Early Day

World Bicycle Day

  • Organise a group cycle event for the cycling enthusiasts in the team

  • Look at options to raise money for the company charity by entering an event

  • Promote your company cycle to work scheme

National Cheese Day

Global Running Day


National Fish and Chip Day

  • As if we needed an excuse!  Did you know that fish and chips is the most popular takeaway in the UK?

  • Organise a lunchtime team bonding session and get the fish and chips in for a treat

National Best Friends Day

World Ocean’s Day

  • Share an online lecture about the ocean and environment

  • Look in to local or national charities running events or sharing information raising awareness

  • Encourage everyone to commit to something that will have a positive impact

Beer Day In Britain

  • This sounds like the perfect excuse for a team night out – non alcoholic beers can be an option for the teetotallers in the business

  • Is it sunny today!? Find a nice beer garden for everyone to have a drink in after work

  • Take an hour at the end of the day for everyone to have a drink from the ‘beer fridge’ and celebrate the recent wins

Father’s Day

  • Have a Dad jokes contest

  • Remember, not everyone has a relationship with their father, or they could have passed away so it’s important to show compassion and empathy, be aware of this today and offer support where you can.

  • Review your Paternity Policy, 2 weeks on statutory pay is not great – can you do more?

International Picnic Day

World Refugee Day

  • Help raise awareness of the plight of refugees and gain support for their cause

  • Is there a local charity that your business can support wth donations or by having volunteers help out for a day?

Summer Solstice

  • Encourage everyone to time out today to meditate for just 5 mins, the summer solstice is a great time to reflect on the past season and set goals for the season ahead.

  • Is it warm today!? If so, make an effort to encourage everyone to get outside on their lunch break for a picnic in the park

  • Take the team strawberry picking

National Writing day

National Bingo Day

  • Who doesn’t love a game of Bingo!

  • Work night out at the local Bingo hall? (Bonkers bingo is a great one to find!)

  • Team lunchtime Bingo for fun at the local Mecca?

National PTSD Awareness Day

National Camera Day

Social Media Day

  • As we all know, social media is a great tool for positively promoting your business – review your  subscriptions to social media platforms, do your team members have the links in their email signatures, are they active on your media pages etc?

  • If you’re a small company and you don’t have a marketing department then hold a brainstorming session on how you can improve your social media and engage more customers with your business

  • It could be an opportunity to upskill someone in your team with some social media training

  • Run training for the team so they understand how to use their Linkedin or other social pages to help promote the business


National Walking Month

  • Set up a walking challenge with the team to see who can get the most steps in each week or for the month, everyone will feel the benefit

  • Take your meetings outdoors- encourage walking meetings to help people feel more energised and to get the creative juiced flowing with a change of scenery

  • Help everyone to learn more about their local areas by organising a local treasure hunt

National Smile Month

  • A smile brightens everyone’s day – set everyone a challenge to smile at as many people as possible for a day and then report back on how they found it and what other people’s reactions were - see how infectious it can be

  • If you don’t have dental health as part of your benefits package look in to the cost and options – it can be a relatively inexpensive benefit but can make a real difference for people

  • If you do have a dental benefit use this month to focus on it and advertise it around the office to encourage people to make the most of it

Mental Health Awareness Month

  • This has been such a topical subject for the last few years – what have you done to improve mental health in the workplace?

  • Think about having a mental health ambassador, a ‘buddy’ system for those working from home and make sure mental health is on your agenda when you have meetings

  • Ask for feedback from your team about what can be implemented to improve mental health at work and make sure that this is covered in your 1:1s

  • Implement mental health first aid training for a few key people in the team

Sun Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week

Bike Week

Learning at Work Week

  • Arrange a ‘job swap’ where members of your team get to learn what others do in the business, this is really good for awareness, understanding and team building

  • Does everyone have a training and development plan? Who takes ownership of it? Is it regularly reviewed in 1:1s and appraisals? If not take some time this week to do a full review of the process and commit to action points

International Harry Potter Day

May the 4th be with you - Star Wars Day

  • Any Star Wars fans in the office?? Why not have a quiz and see who the biggest fan is

  • Arrange a team cinema trip to watch one of the movies

  • Get everyone to bring in Star Wars themed food and have a buffet lunch with the team

  • Come up with a Star Wars themed crafting activity to get everyone involved in

World Laughter Day

  • “There is little success where there is little laughter” – Andrew Carnegie

  • Laughter is contagious – it’s why we’re all about bringing the fun, it motivates and engages and makes us feel connected to those we’re laughing with.

  • Why not play some quick fun games with everyone and boost the mood

  • Arrange a night at a local comedy club or arrange for the team to have some stand-up training if you have a few performers!

World Red Cross Day

Eat What You Want Day

International Day of Families

International Day of Light

World Baking Day

Whit Monday

World Bee Day

  • Did you know that bees fart?!

  • Did you also know that eating local honey can help with hayfever? Why not drop a jar on everyone’s desk?

  • Beeswax makes for some great craft activities to get everyone involved and getting creative

International Tea Day

FA Cup Final

Spring Bank Holiday

National Biscuit Day

  • This one needs no explanation does it?

  • Have a cookie making competition or a biscuit decorating competition

  • Leave cookies on everyone’s desk in the morning

  • Do the biscuit alphabet challenge

  • Take time out as a team for tea and biscuits so everyone can just relax and catch up with each other

  • Get dunking!!

National Creativity Day

World No Tobacco Day


Stress Awareness Month

  • Not all signs of stress are obvious, spend time getting to know your team on a deeper level this month so you recognise changes in behaviour

  • Consider arranging Mental Health First Aid Training

  • Be mindful of people’s home lives and how that can impact on their day to day moods and performance

  • Have a look at the HSE stress risk assessment

  • Consider your overall company culture – do you have a balance of productivity and fun or are you driving a stress pit?

Move More Month

  • Lunchtime Yoga anyone? We know someone who can run sessions for you online

  • Organise a walk/cycle to work event one day a week

  • Challenge everyone to do a minimum of 5,000 steps a day – that’s achievable!

  • For those who travel by bus – encourage them get off a stop earlier and walk the extra distance

National Parks Week

April Fool’s Day

  • A day for play and fun, get creative but remember to play nice! Be mindful of making anyone feel unfairly singled out

Autism Awareness Day

  • Only 22% of adults with Autism are in any kind of employment - that is why this awareness day exists

  • Make sure you are an inclusive employer and adapt to the needs of your employees

  • Make sure your work environment and culture understands autism and how to support anyone with autism in a work environment, get a professional in to speak to all the staff to help promote understanding

  • Look at your recruitment practices and whether you could be doing more to give disadvantaged people an opportunity

National Walking Day

Walk to Work Day

World Health Day

  • Whilst we recover from the pandemic, we are seeing a greater focus into mental health and wellbeing. How are you supporting your own and your team mental health this world day?

  • Physical health can be improved at work through regular movement, try not to sit for long periods without any movement

  • Stretching at your desk, walking to meetings and a walk upstairs can increase your daily movement - small changes can increase your physical and mental health

  • Health includes financial and nutritional health – pick one area and focus on that for the day. Get in a guest expert for a masterclass if necessary

National Pet Day

Appreciation Day

World Art Day

  • Have an art competition on a theme

  • Get the teams to compete against each other over a game of Pictionary

  • Ask every team member to create a small piece of artwork and put them all together to make a big piece of art for the business - this can be really inclusive if your team are working from home

World Voice Day

International Creativity & Innovation Day

  • Get the team to come up with a new way of doing a task, making it more effective or fun

  • Consider how you could bring more creativity to your team meetings – ask for suggestions?

  • How many times have you heard the phrase ‘We’ve always done it that way’ – how about gently challenging that and coming up with more innovative ways to carry out processes

  • Ask everyone what one process they would like to improve and why, take a vote and have everyone work on it as a project

National Tea Day

  • We’re based in Yorkshire so everyday is tea day!

  • Having a special tea day is a great excuse to put the kettle on – not that we needed one!

  • Do a ‘cuppa and a catch up’ with all your team just to have a relaxed informal catch up and see how they are doing personally

Earth Day

  • Invest in some bin liners and litter pickers so you can tidy up the rubbish in and around your workplace

  • Start recycling bin(s) in your workplace – someone might like to start this initiative in the workplace and get everyone involved

  • Think about switching computers off overnight, not having a radiator on next to an open window and other energy saving solutions to help our earth

  • Ask everyone how they think the company could be more green

International Dance Day

  • We all have a favourite song that gets us dancing every time without fail – get a team playlist on the go!

  • Have a lunch time dance class to get everyone up and moving (and laughing)

  • Put on the radio at work and have a boogie!


Women’s History Month

Neurodiversity Celebration Week

  • This is a great opportunity to share information and talk about neurodiversity

  • 1 in 5 people are neurodiverse – do you know if that includes anyone in your team

  • Ask the team to share their stories, if they are willing, or ask an expert to come in and talk to the team about how neurodiversity brings benefits to the workplace

  • Look at your recruitment process and strategy to see if you can do more to encourage neurodiversity in the workplace and how that will benefit your business

Nutrition and Hydration Week

  • Set a team challenge for everyone to drink 2 litres of water a day (all week!)

  • Staying hydrated and nourished is vital for brain function and therefore performance

  • Do you provide appropriate facilities at work for your team to brew up and store/cook food for their lunch break?

World Autism Awareness Week

  • FACT: only 16% of people with autism are in employment and this needs to change!

  • We all need to understand autism better, does anyone in your team have any experience of this condition they could share to help raise awareness?

  • Organise a charity day to raise funds for this worthy cause

Employee Appreciation Day

World Book Day

  • Reading is great for your wellbeing – it’s escapism and thought provoking

  • Create a little space in your staff room for unwanted/read books - then everyone can share and benefit

  • If there is a book you think is life-changing or inspiring (professional or personal) then buy a copy for everyone and leave it on their desks

  • Ask the team if anyone wants to set up a book club

International Women’s Day

  • Celebrate the women in your team and everything they’ve achieved

  • Remember to communicate that today is about shaping a better future that is gender equal

  • Positively challenging gender bias makes a huge difference, use today to reflect on what the company could do better

Mothers Day

National Napping Day

  • Insomnia affects around 1 in 3 people in the UK

  • Lunch time power naps anyone?

  • If you or anyone in your team has problems sleeping then maybe consider a sleep management programme or look at the various different apps you can download to help (charges may apply!)

  • Give everyone a lie in!

Red Nose Day

St Patricks Day

International Read to Me Day

Spring Equinox

International Day of Happiness

  • See the link about to learn more about the themes for 2022

  • Look out for colleagues that have been working from home – they may feel isolated (particularly if they live alone),what can you do to help them feel happy and included in the team?

  • Also, if colleagues are returning to the office, how can you help them adjust so that they are comfortable and happy back in the workplace?

World Downs Syndrome Day

  • This day is about spreading awareness on Downs Syndrome and advocating the rights of people with this condition

  • Use the website below to get ideas – they have a great page called Inclusion Means

World Poetry Day

  • Writing poems is a great way to be creative or turn it into a bit of fun! Most people haven’t done it since school so why not get everyone to give it a go

  • Get your team together and challenge them to write a 4 or 6 line fun poem (or limerick) about a subject of your choice that’s work related – get the creativity flowing

Palm Sunday

World Theatre Day

Maundy Thursday

Good Friday

Easter Sunday


LGBT+ History Month

  • Check out the website for some ideas on how you can join in on LGBT+ within the workplace.

  • There’s a handy link to a wall chart that you could put up on the wall for your team to see

National Apprenticeship Week

  • If you don’t have an apprentice in your team then you could research this as an option

  • It creates an opportunity for someone in the team to mentor the apprentice and also it’s ‘giving something back’ by creating an opportunity for someone to learn your business and hone new skills

  • If you do have an apprentice in your team – celebrate this and acknowledge the hard work they do to help support the business

Eating Disorder Week

Time to Talk Day

World Cancer Day

  • Organise a charity bake sale or a sponsored challenge event to support this worthy charity

  • Sadly, cancer touches most of us/our families at some point in our lives so be mindful this might trigger some sadness with your staff

National Wear Red Day

  • Raise awareness of signs of cardiovascular disease in women

  • This is an easy one – ask everyone to come to work in something red and have a donations option

National Send a Card to a Friend Day

National Pizza Day

  • Who doesn’t love pizza? Why not get your team together for a lunch break pizza bonanza!

  • Either make your own (recipe link below) and bring it in for a team competition or… easy peasy - just order Dominoes! (other suppliers are available😊)

Pancake Day

Valentine’s Day

  • Remember everyone needs a little love! Not everyone is all coupled up on Valentine’s day so spread the love in the office – buy a bag of little chocolate hearts and leave one on everyone’s desk – ahhhhh 😊

Singles Awareness Day

Random Acts of Kindness Day

National Love Your Pet Day

World Thinking Day

  • It’s an opportunity for young girls and women to speak up about the issues they face

  • The day was founded by the girl guides and girl scouts with the aim of creating a better future for women in the world

World Spa Day



  • Do you have a vegan in your team? Ask them to share their favourite recipe or bring in something to sample!

  • Organise a ‘vegan’ lunch day and ask all the team to make something to share

Dry January

  • Make an effort to recognise individuals that are taking up a resolution this year and encourage them to stick to it!

  • If you’re planning team events/night out then try to be inclusive with those who are participating in dry January – Mocktails and Virgin Cocktails are a great way to help them feel included and supported

National Mentoring Month/ I am a Mentor Day

  • Do all your team know who to go to when they need help/guidance?

  • Who are the mentors within the team and do the younger/inexperienced staff have a specified mentor for their development and support?

  • Do you have people in the business that are great role models? Why not sign them up to train as a mentor?

  • Consider implementing a mentoring scheme in the business if you don’t already have one

National Storytelling Week

  • This doesn’t just have to be for kids! Do your teams know the ‘story’ of the business? It’s important for staff to understand the journey that the company has been on

  • Where did the business start? What page is the company on now? Where will the story (business) take everyone? Is the story mapped out yet?

  • A staff member who understands the position of the company and what it aims to achieve will have the drive to perform and contribute to the ongoing success story

World Braille Day

  • Accessibility is so important for the blind and visually impaired. Evaluate your business and review how accessible your company is for the visually impaired – this could be for staff and clients alike

Quitters’ Day

  • It’s called ‘Quitters’ Day’ because did you know that January 17th is the day you are most likely to quit your New Year’s resolution?

  • Try and motivate each another to not quit today!

  • Check up on your team members and help support them to achieve their New Year’s resolution(s)

  • Have a team board to share the things you’ve committed to quit for the month

World Religion Day

  • Today is about promoting understanding of different religions – would anyone in your team be willing to share any interesting facts about their faith?

  • It’s a day to consider diversity and inclusion and to embrace our different cultures

Blue Monday

  • Plan for this one in advance!

  • The third Monday of January is reported to be the saddest day of the year - bad weather, lack of daylight hours, the lingering aftermath of the festive guilt/indulgences and the long wait until pay day are all contributary factors!

  • Check up on your team to see how they are doing and maybe plan something fun for the day to lift the mood 😊

  • Also remember to check in with yourself – you can’t lift others up if you don’t look after No. 1 first!

National Thesaurus Day

National Popcorn Day

Cheese Lovers Day

  • Everyone loves cheese (apologies to those who are lactose intolerant). Have a cheese day with tasting everyone to bring a different cheese to work (go crackers!)

  • Post a fun ‘cheesy’ team photo on social media

  • See who knows the cheesiest joke

  • Re-visit team goals – if you can brielieve it – you can achieve it!

Global Belly Laugh Day

  • Laughter is contagious – and that’s scientifically proven. Release those stress hormones, increase your endorphins and encourage laughter in your team

  • Can you arrange a team outing to a comedy gig or sign up to an online one?

  • Ask everyone to share their best joke and pick a winner

Burns Night

  • Neeps, tatties and haggis anyone?

  • Celebrate Burns night – poetry, Scottish dancing and can anyone play the bagpipes??

National Fun at Work Day

National Lego Day

We are working on the rest of the dates, watch this space and keep an eye out