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The Planager 2024


Keep your HR goals on track with our simple, practical and straight-talking planner (The Planager!) that helps you build the culture you want.

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Thinking about 2024 already and how to improve on 2023?

Your people make your business world go round, right? That’s why you’ll want to ensure you get the best from them - and give them the best culture to do it in.

Whether you’re new to managing people, or just feel you need some structure and guidance for your people-based projects, you’ll find everything you need in The Planager to create an amazing work environment and have a happy, productive team in your corner.

Our planner has been an Amazon Best Seller so we are back to set you up right for 2024.

Do you want to…

Create a more structured approach to your HR?

Plan out your HR projects in a simple way?

Build a culture with intention, not by accident?

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Short on time and overwhelmed by the amount of things you need to do as a manager?

Use The Planager to easily identify what you want and need to focus on in order to drive productivity and growth in a positive and fun way.

In a small business without an HR team? Want to feel calm and in control?

Use The Planager to build your confidence, understand what good people management looks like and plan initiatives to engage your team throughout the year.

Use The Planager to help you to identify, review, prioritise and plan out:

  • Company Mission, Vision and Values

  • Strategic Goals for 2024

  • How to improve your HR / People stuff over the next 12 months

  • How you will be recognising and rewarding staff

  • Managing difficult conversations

  • Action points for having fun, inclusivity and a focus on wellbeing

  • Team communication topics

The Planager also includes:

  • Weekly, monthly and annual review sections 

  • Notes sections

  • HR / People related awareness days, weeks and months

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Get your copy of The Planager

Plan how to make a genuine commitment to diversity and inclusion

Find out how to have fun at work

Understand how to look after your people


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If you have a team, get this book!

I love it!

As a small business owner, keeping on top of everything you need to do to manage a team and keep them motivated is a real challenge. Like many of us, I always have the best intentions but things get in the way! This book has helped keep me on track as well as given me fantastic ideas on how to keep the team motivated.

This is sat on my desk and has been opened and used every day since I bought it. Thank you.

— Michael Edwards, The Northern Affinity

Kris has been using it and said it's fab.

He loves the fact it helps you create an actionable plan to implement yourself and says it helps him keep on top of the things that sometimes go under the radar when things get busy.

He feels like it's a print version of a personal assistant!

— Gemma, Director

I have to say I have only recently started to use the Planager over the last few weeks, but with the team growing once again this has come at the perfect time!

I only wish I had started using it earlier.

I’m finding huge value in it - it’s certainly helping me to stop and reflect, whilst keeping everyone happy and pulling in the same direction. This is especially valuable with a team that mainly work remotely.

Your key calendar dates are also really helpful for our social media planning 😂!

Quite something to pull together - great work and thank you for doing this! 😁

— Zach Greaves, Director

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