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How much more creative and innovative would your business be with happy and engaged employees?

If your team was motivated would your business reach its targets faster and would the creativity flow better?

What would it feel like to run your business without uncertainty, fear and stress overshadowing your people management?

Your staff are the keys to your success. 

You know it and we know it, and we’re here to help you to create a happy, dynamic and engaged team.

By supporting you with a personalised HR strategy, we’ll help you to drive your organisation forward in the exciting way you always imagined. We’ll take care of your HR headaches and hold your hand through what can be a feel like an absolute maze of rules and regulations, paperwork and compliance.

At Limelight HR we offer creative, trustworthy and expert advice all day, every day. Our founder, Sally Bendtson, has worked with corporations such as Nickelodeon, The Guardian and the BBC and has all the experience needed to create your unique HR plan, so that you can focus on running your business. 

Call Sally today for a chat to see how Limelight HR can help you. There’s no obligation and all our initial advice is free.

Read more about Limelight HR…guiding you when you need to hire new employees, have concerns over staffing or are worried about navigating the complexities of employment law.

It’s a maze out there, and you don’t need to walk through it alone. 

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We all have our strengths and weaknesses. However, the hardest part of poor staff performance can be having the confidence and the skills to approach it.

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Managers often become managers because they’re great at their jobs. However, all too often, they’re not familiar with managing others.

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Creating contracts and writing letters doesn’t have to be a time-consuming task. We can help you to create a set of template contracts and offer letters to ...

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Recruitment agencies can be extremely costly, and they’re not always reliable. So you need someone who’ll really get to know your business.

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There are many concerns you may need to manage within your business. You might face the challenge of overhauling your recruitment process ...

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It’s important that your staff feel valued - after all, they’re essential in helping your business to succeed and grow. So let us know how we can help ...

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Companies do everything they can to avoid redundancies. However, in our ever-changing climate, you need to have processes in place.

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