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“We're committed to making a positive, lasting impact on small businesses who have big ambitions.”


Looking for an HR company that builds creative, family-feel organisations that are fast, fun and full of dedicated people?

If you’re like us, you created your company because you wanted to be master of your own destiny and make the difference you knew you could. So, you need an HR company that complements your business.

If you run your business with heart and uphold values of creativity, honesty and integrity. If you want to fill it with passion and energy, then we’re the HR company you’re looking for.

Job satisfaction

You’ve taken on staff. You’ve created a family, a team of friends. An office that’s full of laughter where everyone is having a good time. You want your team to have job satisfaction, to love where they work and to feel supported by you as a manager. You want a welcoming, creative environment where everyone is encouraged to be themselves and to treat each other with respect.

A big softie

But you also know you can be a bit soft and sometimes you struggle to have the challenging conversations or make the difficult decisions because you care about your team; they are your friends and your drinking buddies on a Friday night. But you know they want and need you to have those conversations; to show up as a leader. And you need someone you can trust and rely on to help you do that.

So that’s where we come in. Because we want to join your family.

Possibilities not policies

HR isn’t about rules, policies, procedures and handbooks. Of course, some of that stuff’s important. But really it should be about helping you create a place where your staff can do their best work. A place that excites, unites, encourages, supports, achieves and celebrates.

If you don’t want to be driven by rules and policies, but you do want to make sure you are protecting your staff and your business as much as possible, book a call with me to find out how I can help.
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We do things differently.

You should get in touch with us if you want an HR company that:
  • Doesn’t just dip in and out every few months when a crisis hits

  • Wants to get involved and become part of your ‘work family’

  • Truly cares about your company and your people and celebrating your successes with you

  • Knows people are more important than processes, and is driven by that while still protecting your business

  • Takes what feels complex and scary and makes it simple and positive, providing a huge amount of relief and reassurance

  • Holds your hand and guides you every step of the way

  • Alleviates the stress and anxiety you’ve felt about managing some of your people issues and helps you get shit done

  • Makes the experience enjoyable

Maybe you’ve been muddling through so far and hoping for the best. Or perhaps you’ve had call-centre type HR support that doesn’t give you value or a personalised service. If you’re now looking for something different and don’t think HR should just be a box-ticking exercise, get in touch.

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BTo help you decide whether we’re the sort of people you want to hang out with, here’s a little bit more about who we are and what we’re about.
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We like to act like an extension of your the team and offer a range of tailor-made HR support packages to suit your needs.
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