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Does HR outsourcing fit how I roll?

When you started your business, HR processes were likely the furthest thing from your mind. You wanted to create, build and help your customers. But as you grow, even basic HR admin can become a drag on time and focus.

What if you could just hand tasks off to the experts? And not just any experts - people who vibe with your style?

Outsourcing to Limelight HR means partnering with HR pros who become an extension of your culture. Forget stiff suits and cut-paste policies - we actually enjoy this HR thing and want you to as well!

Here's the lowdown on outsourcing Limelight style:

What could you outsource?

We don't believe in one-size-fits-all. As your partner, we assess your priorities and take on whatever tasks make sense to free your time while supporting your people. That may include:

  • Creating employee contracts
  • Onboarding new hires
  • Managing employee questions 
  • Setting up or managing your existing HR system 
  • Guiding managers through disciplinaries, grievances or redundancies
  • Overseeing HR projects, for example, Vision and Values or appraisal processes
  • Providing or checking template documents, letters or checklists 
  • Management training
  • Managing absence, maternity or paternity processes 

Over time, as you grow, we evolve what we handle to match. Our goal is to keep you focused on your customers while we tackle the people fundamentals with a smile.

Why we just click with our clients

There are tons of HR companies out there. But clients pick us because our human approach focuses on connections, not just compliance. Key perks of working with Limelight HR include:

1. Making HR Human!

Let's face it, people processes can suck the life out of anyone. But we liven it up with real relationships and keep things refreshingly human for your team.

2. Blending HR into your Vibe

Every company has a different twist. We take time to understand and reflect on your brand in supporting your people. So, our solutions feel like an extension of your culture.

3. Becoming your go-to HR BFFs!

We don't just hand you impersonal HR documents and walk away. Our experts become your trusted advisors for any people questions or issues that crop up. Consider us your new HR BFFs!

What happens if we team up?

If outsourcing to the Limelight Crew sounds like just the HR refresh your business needs, here's a peek at the process:

Kickoff: We grab coffee (*outdoors when possible!*) and start getting to know each other's goals and style—low-key and conversational.

Transition: For any current HR systems you want to hand off, we work side-by-side to shift responsibilities to us. Totally flexible to each company's needs!

Ongoing Support: This is the fun part where we now take the reins on agreed HR tasks while still feeling to your team like an integrated extension of your brand!

So, are you ready to liven up your HR game a little? 

Ditch the old-school outsourcing experience and bring some Limelight flair to your people processes. Give us a shout if you want HR support reflecting the soul of your company! The vibe check starts with a friendly hello!