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Tips to help you and your team focus on self care

Hello! I am Jess, the HR and Wellbeing Consultant here at Limelight and I live and breathe everything wellbeing!

Since being a teenager, I have had a passion for anything wellbeing related, from collecting crystals to being into healthy food. I always knew that this was the path I wanted to take in my career and as a trained yoga instructor, I implement this in all areas of my working life. My biggest aim is to help as many people as I can when it comes to wellbeing so that they can be the best version of themselves in work and at home!

So, let’s talk Balance!

How much balance do you have between work and self-care in your week!? If the answer is not much, then here are my Top 5 tips that can help you create more time for you this month!

Even if you only try one it will benefit you massively both in your work and your home life. If you do any of the below, tag us in your social media posts and stories, we’d love to see!


One of the best things I have ever done for mindfulness is to dedicate a day during the month for nothing but self-care, whatever that might be for you! Turn off your phone, leave social media for another day and take this day purely for you. If you have kids and couldn’t possibly imagine a day where you will get that much peace and quiet, why not do it with them!

If you have a team, encourage them to try this during the next month. Why not gift everyone 3 hours for self-care?


May is National Walking Month, so there isn’t a better time to be outside enjoying the fresh air. It is proven that just 20 minutes outside in nature can completely change your mindset and make you feel a lot lighter so give this a go this month. This doesn’t have to be done alone, take your friends/family with you for the journey (or if you have a Charlie, our office sausage dog.. take them with you too!!)

Now for your team. Why not set your team a work challenge of who can achieve the most steps in the month, winner gets a prize. Or insist that all meetings are walking meetings (weather permitting!)


From the 1st-8th May we are celebrating ‘have a cuppa!’ A mindfulness tip for when you are at work could be as simple as having half an hour at the start of the day having a cuppa and chatting to a colleague which can be a great release of stress. And if you fancy a change of scenery and supporting other small businesses why not treat yourself to a cuppa from an independent near you.


Are you a stickler for keeping your work phone on you or checking your emails before going to sleep!? Why not set yourself the challenge of leaving your work phone/laptop in your bag when your evening starts so that you can enjoy a good night’s rest.

As a manager, could you encourage your team to do the same? An idea could be to ask the team to leave their work phones at work on an evening this month, so that they have no choice but to wind down. You would be surprised how much stress this can reduce in your working week.


Do you have a local leisure centre where you could attend a Yoga class this month? If so, why not try it out! Yoga has been proven to hugely lower stress levels and allows the mind to quieten down. If you haven’t tried Yoga, I highly recommend it.

If this is something you would be interested in doing as a team, why not think about inviting in an external teacher for a 45 Minute Yoga session or sign up to one on Zoom! If this has sparked your interest, get in touch with us at Limelight as this is an area we can help you with.

Are there any other good self-care tips which you have come to rely on or which you find work really well for your team? If so, do share them we’d love to hear any ideas.

If you’d like some help supporting your team with self-care and finding balance, then email me on, I’m full of great ideas and I’d love to support you.