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Do you need an HR Consultant?

People maketh a business.

No matter how big or small a company, your people keep it running! Which makes having a safe and fun environment even more crucial; it’s no secret that happy employees are more productive.

So how can I make that happen?

Well, this is where us HR professionals come in! Not only do we come armed with knowledge about all the foundational elements such as laws and policies, we also come with the tools to help you implement them in a meaningful way. AND we can help you create a great workplace culture full of engaged, motivated staff.

But what do you do if your company isn’t big enough to have it’s own HR person? 

That’s where an HR Consultancy comes in. Because if you employ anyone, even just a few people, it’s still important to get the foundations right. You need to ensure that you are doing as much as possible to create the right environment so they can do their best work.

An HR Consultant can help you every step of the way, from finding new team members, to onboarding them, managing them, engaging them, training them, even saying goodbye to them in a positive way so that they advocate for your business long after they have left.

A team outside your team

Managing a business is all-consuming, which is why delegation is so important. Having a trusted HR Consultant on hand not only saves time, they also protect your business and offer year round support. This is often more cost effective than hiring someone as a small company

Independent HR Consultants are on top of their game when it comes to new legislation, latest software, or innovative HR processes. Their position as a third party gives them a different perspective so they can more easily identify issues and potential solutions. They can also do everything from the administration to the strategy, which can be difficult to recruit for when wanting to fill only one position.

Here for you when things get tough

Life is full of surprises—some of them not so good! When the proverbial hits the fan, you’ll need someone steadfast and knowledgeable at your side. HR involves people, and each of these people are individuals with their individual needs and problems.

If something goes wrong, or there’s an unforeseeable event in someone’s life, it can affect the entire team. Solutions need to be proposed, and maybe some difficult conversations need to be had. Juggling all of that can be stressful at best, and impossible at worst.

An HR consultant can coach you through delicate situations, and potentially mediate for you. At the heart of each business there should always be open, healthy communication, and a safe environment for everyone involved. Without outside guidance this can be a complex area to navigate.

When in doubt, whip out a checklist

If you’re still not sure about hiring an HR consultant, here’s a checklist that might help you decide if you’re at that particular stage of your business journey:

  • You feel constantly stressed.
  • You feel like your business is stagnating because all your time is spent on people issues.
  • You feel isolated and overwhelmed.
  • Your business has outgrown whatever HR tools you have in place and the people in charge are floundering.
  • Morale and productivity is dropping because your team feels disregarded, or not listened to.
  • Resolving individual issues takes up far too much time.
  • Sick leave is increasing.
  • More staff are mentioning stress and anxiety.
  • The satisfaction of customers is affected by team inefficiency.
  • You’re losing staff, especially talented ones.
  • Hiring new staff is difficult and frustrating.

If you can relate to one or more of these statements, then it’s probably time to hire an HR Consultant, or at least to speak to a few to see how they can help. It’s important that you find someone you trust, who speaks your language, and who ‘gets’ your business and the way you want to manage your people. If you think we would be a good fit, give us a call on 01423 206 909 or email and we can set up a free 30-minute consultation so you can explore the options.

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