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Do you want your team to drive innovation in your business? Here’s how!
It is proven in any business, big or small, that innovation drives growth. By focussing on innovation throughout the year you stay ahead of the competition, keep your business fresh and relevant, increase your profits, and generally add new, exciting approaches to your working life. The good news is…as a manager you don’t need to […]
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5 easy ways to help your team connect
This month we are focussing on personal connections and the impact they have on living a happy and fulfilled life. Most of us need people for support, laughter, and growth. Without these connections we would feel isolated from the world. This applies in business as it does in everyday life. If you want people to […]
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6 Tips to help you manage your time effectively at work
Hello, I am Darren and I’m an HR and Marketing Apprentice here at Limelight HR. You’ve made the time to click through to our latest blog on time management. Well done for acknowledging that it is something you could improve! Since graduating and taking on my first office job here at Limelight, I have realised […]
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Tips to help you and your team focus on self care
Hello! I am Jess, the HR and Wellbeing Consultant here at Limelight and I live and breathe everything wellbeing! Since being a teenager, I have had a passion for anything wellbeing related, from collecting crystals to being into healthy food. I always knew that this was the path I wanted to take in my career […]
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Managing stress and increasing happiness
Bryony has very kindly written us a blog about managing increased stress and happiness. Her business Bryony Rowntree Coaching helps individuals and businesses through 1 2 1 coaching, team coaching and training. Aiming to make people have a better relationship with themselves and others. Now over to Bryony… Stress isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We […]
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The 5 Secrets To Workplace Happiness
When I met Jennifer Rawlinson from Flourish in Mind I just l loved that she does such amazing work around mental health and wellbeing and was chuffed that she agreed to contribute this blog for us. Over to Jen… I recently trained as a Happiness Facilitator with The Museum of Happiness. I can now take […]
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