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5 easy ways to help your team connect

This month we are focussing on personal connections and the impact they have on living a happy and fulfilled life. Most of us need people for support, laughter, and growth. Without these connections we would feel isolated from the world. This applies in business as it does in everyday life. If you want people to be truly happy working for your company, they need to feel supported and connected to those around them.

Having relationships that are trusting, honest and open will help make your people feel confident facing any challenges that come their way. Strong relationships can’t be manufactured or forced but there are ways to promote connectivity within your business. Here are a few ideas to get you going…


Allowing people to have casual chats will allow personal connections to be formed. When people understand what is happening in each other’s lives it builds a greater sense of trust and helps them to communicate about all aspects of work. Just watch how animated your team gets when they discuss the latest episode of Love Island!


Depending on the size of the business you could get the whole team or department together to talk through progress and current work. This will ensure everyone knows what each other is working on and will help them all feel part of the team. It also helps the new recruits understand the roles around them and what people do.


Here at Limelight HR we recently had a trip to an escape room in Harrogate. It was great! We spent an hour working as a team on something that was not work related and we had a laugh along the way. We escaped with 40 seconds left!

Trips away from the office can seriously boost team morale. If time is tight you don’t need to do a full day, you could organise a smaller event. We recently held a 30-minute Ukulele workshop for our new neighbours here at Windsor house. It didn’t take up too much of the day so people could be flexible with their work, and it was a fun session. We will definitely be booking Sharon Stacey in for something else in the future!

Different teams will enjoy different types of events so ask them what they would like to do, include a variety, and get organising. If you’re short on time you might want to get the team involved in organising the events themselves.


A quick and easy way to bring people together is to organise a team lunch. Events like pancake day, Christmas and birthdays are the perfect excuse to get together. AND you can’t go wrong with food as everyone loves food!


Isn’t it weird that we go to work with people every day, yet we sometimes don’t understand what their role is within the business? Switching or joining a different department for a day can increase awareness between teams. If people appreciate what others in the business do and the challenges they face, they are more likely to be flexible and understanding. If switching roles sounds like mayhem, why not invite other departments to join the team meeting to explain what their average day looks like.

We’ve hopefully given you plenty of ideas to implement but as always ask your team how they would like to make connections between them and within the business. If you want support creating connections within your company and improving communication email us on [email protected] we’d love to help.