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Do you want your team to drive innovation in your business? Here’s how!

It is proven in any business, big or small, that innovation drives growth. By focussing on innovation throughout the year you stay ahead of the competition, keep your business fresh and relevant, increase your profits, and generally add new, exciting approaches to your working life.

The good news is…as a manager you don’t need to do this alone! Innovation is a great way to bring your team together or, if your business is big enough, allow your teams to mix between departments. Here are 5 ways in which you can add this into your business today.

1. Brainstorm your ideas

Have you ever sat down with your team to brainstorm ideas about the business? This is a brilliant way to give your staff a say in what you do and allows them to be comfortable sharing their ideas in a relaxed forum. Our biggest tip for having a brainstorm session is to let the team know every idea is valid, no ideas is a bad idea, and they shouldn’t feel limited – you never know, a new idea from the session could be the next big thing. Most importantly brainstorming can bring more diversity of ideas into the business and support employee wellbeing as people feel heard and included.  So, write down everyone’s ideas and try not to dismiss any, get those creative juices flowing!

2. Make an ideas box

A great way to welcome ideas from your employees is to create an ideas box to leave in a communal area. This way, anyone can add an idea/improvement strategy either with their name on or anonymously.  Even better, you could personalise your ideas box so that it is fun too, allowing employees to add fun team event ideas in as well as business related improvements. You could even provide a reward for the best idea of the month.

3. Staff survey

How often do you ask your staff for feedback and opinions on the business, whether that is how the business is operating or how they feel in the workplace? If your answer is not very often or never, then now is the time to start. Staff surveys are usually anonymous, therefore, a great way to gain as much feedback as possible as your team know they can be totally honest with you and are more likely to let you know how they feel. Remember, a happier team creates more successful business!

4. Take some time out the office

Why not take the brainstorming session a step further with a strategy away day! A great idea for getting to the bottom of a business issue or project could be to take your team out and spend the day working on a particular problem or plan in a completely different environment. Once you are out of the office it gives you and the team a chance to work without distractions and it can be more relaxed and fun.

5. Cross department working

If your business is big enough to have different departments, a good way of innovating is to introduce cross department working so teams are aware of what everyone else does on a day-to-day basis and have a better understanding of each other’s roles or frustrations. It allows them to communicate, to chat about what could be improved and come up with solutions that work for all departments, not just their own.

Any type of innovation is a great way to support business success and get the team engaged and involved! If you would like us to help with any of the above tips then please do get in touch with us at [email protected]. We are huge advocates for getting that creative side going to enhance your business!